One day I opened up my inbox to an interesting email. A woman named Kaycee Jane (I love that name by the way) had written a book and asked if I would ready it and do a review on my blog. Well being the reader that I am, and seeing as the book's topic is definitely an interest of mine, I happily agreed. I am a bit sorry that it has taken me so long to actually do what I promised, but as all of you readers have already realized, I'm also better late than never with my work!

Frog or Prince? The Smart Girl's Guide to Boyfriends by Kaycee Jane!

This book presents a very systematic way of analyzing the current guy you are with to see if he's a Frog or a Prince. Simple as that! There are charts, check lists, and quizzes to help you discover whether the "issues" you are having with your significant other are things you can compromise on or whether they are deal breakers.

Obviously, many things discussed in this book are no brainers. Girls, we know that if a guy is verbally abusive then he's not a Prince. However, we seem to overlook or make excuses for things. But if you go through the steps that Mrs. Jane suggests, you can't help but come face to face with the brutal truth! She discusses "setting a bar" for guys and their actions, filtering through the good and the bad, and coming up with a logical conclusion for staying with him or ditching him.

And even though while reading the book I didn't really have a guy to analyze, it was still helpful to read the book. The information is definitely something I can use personally, as a teacher, and as a friend. I commend Kaycee Jane for her research and "mathematical" way of answering one of the female gender's hardest question!
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